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We are Different!

Relaxation Enhancements - Physical Comfort, Music, Television, Movies

When you arrive in your treatment room at your cosmetic dentist in Jacksonville:

For our longer appointments, we will rent any movie you request for your ultimate enjoyment. While you are being treated, we will not jump from room to room. You will be the only patient the doctor will be treating at this timeand will have his undivided attention.

At the end of your visit, we provide a refreshing hot towel to complete your treatment. Finally, due to the small number of patients we see combined with our level of computerization, your checkout is brief and any insurance forms are immediately sent electronically, via the Internet.

As you can see, this isn’t your standard dental appointment. At this Jacksonville cosmetic dentist office, we are different and you are important.

Digital Cameras

We feel that the patient must properly understand his or her condition before understanding and accepting a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Every new patient receives a digital video tour of the mouth that appears on the computer monitor.

Problems can be seen earlier, such as a cracked tooth, and treated before pain and discomfort develop.

These photos are also used to help maximize any insurance benefits due to you.

Digital radiography

Digital x-rays create 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Within seconds, the x-ray appears on a computer monitor so that the doctor can manipulate the image for clarity and diagnosis, and the patient can actually see the problems on the computer.

The radiographs can then be sent to specialists or insurance companies via the Internet.

Digital Apex Locator

Most people have a fearful or negative feeling about the prospect of a root canal, yet root canals are a highly successful way of saving a dying tooth.

With our new technology, apex locators, we can get an exact reading of the tooth length, not a guess from an x-ray. This allows us to remove all dying tooth accurately, and eliminates the files from exiting the tooth and traumatizing the tissues.

The result is a very comfortable procedure that is far less traumatic than an extraction or implant placement. We expect to change any fears or perceptions you may have about this tooth saving procedure.

Computerized, Paperless Office

We are a paperless office! Everything from x-rays, photos, charting, medical history, personal file notes, etc. are in computers in every treatment room and front desk area.

Your chart information is not mixed with other charts, and information can be retrieved instantaneously anywhere in the office.

When you check out, credit card payments are through the computer, insurance claims are sent electronically, and all aspects of your expenses are streamlined for accuracy and efficiency.

Once again, at The Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we are different.