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Teeth Whitening Jacksonville

As the years go by, teeth tend to absorb stains from various foods and drinks and other things like cigarettes. Due to this absorption, without our knowledge, our teeth gradually turn a few shades darker. If you think your teeth have suffered the same plight, you have one thing left to do - visit us at the Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Jacksonville. Our customized tooth whitening systems will give you a stunning and bright smile, changing your outlook on life.

At our dental office, we offer three types of procedures to get your teeth whitened:

1. One Hour Whitening

Since we use a number one rated Zoom2 advanced whitening technology, we are able to speed up teeth whitening to complete the entire treatment within one hour. The tooth whitening procedure starts with the bleaching solution being placed on your teeth. Then an advanced light acts on this solution to create laser-fast bleaching. The effectiveness of this procedure is further enhanced when combined with the whitening tray option (detailed below).

2. Two Week Home Whitening

At our Jacksonville office, we use the #1 rated product on the market, from the Day-White brand. It provides the option of traditional 'tray' bleaching at a much lower cost. The procedure simply entails the application of the solution into the custom made trays and wearing them for about 30 minutes per day. In a few days, you will see an amazing improvement, and a whiter smile.

3. Deep Bleaching Technique

Even though most bleaching systems don't remove severely harsh stains, such as tetracycline-caused shades, The Burgess Center's exclusive Deep Bleaching Technique can even remove this type of staining!

Through the combination of in-office and home teeth whitening procedures, along with a specialized tray system, we are able to maximize results. Following three to four weeks of treatment, our proprietary bleaching formulation produces excellent results.

If you visit any other dental office, they will prescribe veneers as a solution. But, with us, you may forego that option, resulting in saved time, money and an excellent smile. For the best in teeth whitening, Jacksonville knows to turn to The Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. Schedule your appointment today and get that winning, bright smile you've always wanted.