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Skin Care Products Jacksonville

Searching for skin care products Jacksonville? Facial rejuvenation using the "iS Clinical" line of skin care products afford our patients the option of in-the-home revitalizing facial treatments. Every year in the United States, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on non-prescription medications used to treat a variety of skin conditions and secondary skin disorders. At the Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we understand that your goals for self-improvement may go further than corrective dental procedures. Unfortunately, clinical research has proven that many of the popular over-the-counter products have little impact on facial rejuvenation. On the other hand, some skin care treatments have exceeded expectations, such as the iS Clinical products listed below:

White Lightening Complex

This skin care product is applied to areas of the skin during the day to eliminate or reduce the visual impact of blotchy patches. Melanin is naturally produced by the body and is an important part of skin pigmentation. When melanin production is interrupted, the degradation can lead to unsightly pigmentation abnormalities. Additionally, high levels of inflammation, such as skin injuries caused by sunburn, can also cause dark spots or light splotches to occur. White Lightening Complex can be applied daily to improve these hyper-pigmented areas.

White Lightening Serum

iS Clinical's White Lightening Serum is applied at night to help eliminate hyperpigmentation, sun damaged skin and freckling. Whether your blotchy patches of skin tone are the result of hormonal imbalances or natural aging, Serum has been proven effective in evening a patient's skin tone while restoring a natural glow. Facial rejuvenation patients have reported up to 75% decrease in the intensity of pigmented areas after using White Lightening Serum for as little as 2 weeks.

Youth Eye Complex

If you suffer with puffiness, dark circles or under eye wrinkles, iS Clinical's Youth Eye Complex is a breakthrough skin care product that helps to regenerate skin and combat many of the signs of aging. The proteins found in the Complex product can improve skin hydration, firmness and elasticity as well as encouraging the production of new collagen for facial rejuvenation. In addition, by inhibiting melanin synthesis and strengthening the skin, the dark circles under your eyes can lighten within weeks to a couple of months using Youth Eye Complex.

Poly-Vitamin and Active Serum

As the Baby Boomers continue to get older, more research is directed at reversing many of the skin conditions created by aging. One theory suggests that free radicals and oxidative stress can cause an accumulation of damage as our physiologic reserves are depleted during biochemical decline. This excess of free radicals and inflammation can reduce your body's healing time. Applications of iS Clinical's Poly-Vitamin or Active Serum can provide long-term improvements that you can see.

At the Burgess Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer the latest skin care products that can literally turn back the pages of time, and restore your natural beauty. That is why we offer a full-line of innovative skin-care treatments to improve your appearance in the privacy of your home. Skin care products from iS Clinical provide a non-surgical approach that can be a superb alternative to a more invasive therapy for our patients with sensitive skin or certain skin conditions that limit the use of other procedures for facial rejuvenation. For additional information about iS Clinical skin care products, call us today at (904) 273-3001.